"I strongly urge you to start your own observing log book . . . For visual observers it's the only way to show others, and remind yourself, what this hobby is all about." Paul Markov, Sky & Telescope, July 2007
                                                                                                        WE AGREE!*


188 pages. Coil Bound. Cover: black, midnight blue, or maroon leatherette composite  $17.99 + S&H


Third Edition
This session-based observing log is versatile enough to help you capture ALL of your astronomical experiences, from  observations of sky conditions at your site to everything you see there -- with your eyes or through your telescope. Using a computer database?  The Diary is an excellent way of capturing detailed information at the telescope for later input. Making CCD or photographic images?  The diary is an easy way to record specific imaging information for later reference.

And for the third edition, we've reorganized the logging pages to provide more room for observations.

Attractive, rugged and self-contained, the Astronomical Observers Diary is available in a compact 7" x 10" format. It's weather and dew resistant, printed on sturdy 28-lb paper, and packed with useful features.

See actual filled out pages from an observing session using the Diary HERE.

*Refers to the general recommendation to keep an observing log.

Features of the Diary:
Observing Session Records

The heart of the Astronomical Observers Diary is the front-and-back Observing Session Form (at right). Each Diary includes 75 forms, with the following data entry provisions (see numbers in photo):
(1) Observing Conditions: Date(s), Location, Event, Group, Time, Equipment, Moon Phase/Altitude, Seeing/Transparency, Limiting Magnitude/ Comments, % Cloud Cover, Approximate Temperature, and Notes.
(2) Plan for the observing session.
(3) Objects Observed (10 on front, 10 on back): Object No./ Name, Type/ Constellation, Time, Activity/ Notes, Reference to other logbooks (i.e., Deep Sky) or Field Sketch page. (Planning to observe more than 20 objects? Just open a new session at midnight! Do you like to make lots of notes? Just use more than one line. The Diary is designed to be versatile.)
(4) Drawing Circles (not pictured): two for each session and a separate section containing 48 larger circles.

In addition, the "Index of Observing Sessions" allows notes on brief or casual observations and helps find special sessions or objects.

In addition to its reference data, the Diary contains ample space for User Field Information and Observing Plans.

Reference Information & User Data Entry:
We've packed the Diary with helpful reference and user data information tables that provide information you need at your fingertips when you're observing. At the left is the Equipment Information page, with room for reference data on (5) three telescope/mount combinations, (6) seven eyepieces, and (7) formulae for calculating magnification, field of view for various types of eyepieces, and lowest/highest usable power.
Addition information includes:
  • Observing Site Data (RA, Dec, elevation, etc.)
  • Universal Time Converter
  • Seeing/Transparency Scales
  • Star Information (Greek Alphabet; Stars for Drift Alignment)
  • Three-Star Polar Alignment Method
  • Quick Visual North Celestial Pole Finder Chart
  • How to Measure Position Angle
  • 88 Constellation Information (Pronunciation, Possessives, Meaning, Abbreviations)
  • Index of observing sessions helps you find key records instantly.
  • Helpful Hints for Recording Astronomical Observations

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