Observe the Herschel 400!

Herschel Observers Logbook

This latest addition to our lineup of astronomical observers guides offers custom formats for your observations of all the deep sky objects in the Herschel 400 list, including:

  • 12 Nebulae and star clusters plus nebulae
  • 231 galaxies
  • 34 globular star clusters
  • 99 open (galactic) star clusters
  • 24 planetary nebulae

Our THICK new Herschel Observers Logbook is available in a generous 11" x 8 " format. Like our other logbooks, it's weather and dew resistant, printed on sturdy 28-lb  stock. Also includes forms and an object index for over 200 supplemental observations.

This is not a re-hash of previous lists.  Data for each of the 400 objects was updated with specifications from recent observations and astronomical catalogs.

184 pages. Coil Bound. Cover: black, blue or maroon leatherette composite.
+ S&H

Includes observing & recording
hints and space for scope & eyepiece data,
observing condition metrics,
& lots of other helpful

Herschel 400 Observing Forms
. NGC & Herschel #, common name, type, class, magnitude & size -for all 400 deep sky objects (plus 200 supplemental observations)
2. Constellation, Chart # (SA 2000, UM 2000 2nd Ed), RA & Dec
3. Observing location, date/time, seeing conditions
4. Telescope aperture, f-ratio, eyepieces & filters
5. 4 objects per page - room for detailed observing comments
6. Generous space for your written observations
7. Drawing/sketch on a 1.25-in circle

Click page image for larger version.

Click page image for larger version

Helpful Features Include:
  • Complete instructions for filling out forms
  • Hints on how to plan and document your observations
  • Reference list of objects by type and constellation
  • Observer reference data, such as equipment information for two telescopes (eyepiece magnification and field of view, etc.) observing site information, position angle guide, observing condition metrics, and more
  • Object finder index for supplemental observations and objects included in other deep sky catalogs, such as the Messier, Caldwell, and Arp.

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